Diploma Courses

Audio Engineering in Chennai

Our sound engineering and music production program is designed to train musically creative and technically proficient engineers in the modern recording world. Our 1 year program is a comprehensive hands on practical training program. All our short term program modules are covered in detail in this diploma course.

Throughout the program, students are involved in hands-on exercises and real-world studio projects that enable them to apply their knowledge and refine their skills. Students are introduced to many facets of the audio production industry — from traditional studio work, live sound, post production, sound design, composing and programming for songs.

In our advanced classes, students hone their creative and technical skills while working with advanced recording, editing, mixing and mastering techniques, song arrangement, chord structure and harmony. At the end of the program, each student presents a portfolio — a selection of his or her best work to date. This serves as a demo reel for potential employers and clients — an audio resume with professional content that highlights the graduate’s talent and skill.

Our training Modules :

Fundamentals: Basics of Sound | Audio Electronics | Decibels – The Audio Math | Acoustics - Recording Theory: Audio Interface | Microphones | Loudspeakers | Studio Routing | Signal Flow - Live Sound: Live Sound Fundamentals | Analog & Digital Mixers | Crossovers | Line arrays | Audio Networking | FOH Mixes | MOH Mixes | Digital Audio & Recording Arts: Digital Technology | DAW Software’s | Recording techniques | Miking Techniques | Studio Monitors | Studio Mixers | Control Surfaces - Music technology: Music Theory (London Trinity Grade Exams) | MIDI | Programming | Sequencing | Sampling | Synthesis | Intro to composing | Pitch Corrections - Post Production: Sound Designing | Digital Signal Processors | Mixing Techniques | Mastering Skills

Short Term Courses

Music Production in chennai

Our Studio engineering program is a hands on practical training program which happens in real studio working environment. Our modules are structured in a way that all facets of studio working methodologies are covered. The outcome of this course helps you to do all sorts of studio production work starting from creating your first session taking all the way to high ends of Mixing and mastering.

Our training Modules :

Basics of Sound | Audio Electronics | Decibels – The Audio Math | Studio Acoustics | Recording Equipment’s | Studio Microphones | Stereo Miking Techniques | Studio Monitors | Cables & Routings | Signal Flow | Post Production Plugins | Eq’s – Compressors – Reverbs | Recording techniques I Studio Calibrations | Hardware & Software Configurations | Mixing & Mastering.

Software : Pro tools

Electronic Music Production in chennai

This program introduces students to all the primary features and user interfaces of any digital audio workstation you choose to learn. You will learn the basic functions of an operating software such exploring the interface, use of each parameters, signal flow, routing capabilities and cross platforms with different DAW’s. You will also learn to generate customized audio and MIDI configurations. Students also create their own songs using comprehensive array of software instruments, including loops and DSP effects.

In-depth lessons will cover MIDI and audio recording, streamlined editing and arrangement techniques, user defined key commands, automation, using external MIDI controllers, mixing, and creating final output.

Our training Modules :

Configure your studio and recording sessions | Understanding workflow techniques | Recording MIDI and audio | Edit and quantize MIDI and audio| Using software instruments | Work with time scales and virtual instruments | Working with audio effects | Work with Elastic Audio | Manipulating pitch and time | Enable, play, view and edit automation data | Control using external controllers | Mix using sends, returns, plug-ins, Master Faders and groups | Mixing and automation.

Software’s we teach: Avid Pro tools | Apple Logic Pro X | Steinberg Cubase | Presonus Studio One | Ableton Live ( You can choose either one or multiple software’s to learn )

Sound Designing Courses in Chennai

This program covers all the necessary modules required to make a trained live sound engineer who is proficient in the creation, operation and planning of modern day musical, theatrical, event and corporate productions. Throughout the program, students are involved with hands-on exercises and real-world shows and events that enable them to apply their knowledge and refine their skills. You'll be using professional grade equipment from respected manufacturers such as Yamaha, Allen & heath, Midas, Soundcraft, etc., to learn the art of live sound engineering.

Our training Modules :

Live Sound Principles | Basic electronics | Loudness Levels ( dB’s) | Live Sound Systems & Stagecraft | Analog mixers | Digital Mixers | Live Sound Production Skills | Loudspeaker History & Design | Modern Loudspeaker Technology | Networking & Digital transport | Advanced Monitoring Application | Wireless System Management

Mixing and Mastering Courses in Chennai

This module teaches you about programming and generating sounds of musical instruments in align to your music composition. If you are not aware of how samples and sounds are layered correctly to achieve a BIG sound, then this module will also be a help to you to understand these concepts. You can learn how to use synthesizers to create new musical sounds and effects for your music. As a part of this course we also teach and train you on Music Theory (London Trinity Syllabus) and help you to get a grade exam certifications.

Our training modules are :

We cover all aspects of music production starting from- History & Foundations to Music | Different Genres of Music | Digital Audio Principles | Beat Making | Creating Harmonies | Synthesis | Programming Bass lines | Structuring melodies | Audio / MIDI editing | Effects Processing | Sound design for Music | MIDI Sequencing | MIDI Mapping | Rhythm Programming | Chording and Pattern based composing | Sampling | Synthesizers | Orchestration |Jingle Creations | and more.

Software : Logic Pro X

Live Sound Courses in chennai

This program immerses student in the world and industry of sound design for visual media. Students learn key skills and concepts necessary to meet the demands of a large-scale audio visual media project.

Our training modules are:

Fundamentals of Sound | Pro tools | Shot Gun Microphones | Multi track Portable recorders | Synchronization | Sound Effects Creation | Field and Location Audio Recording | Boom Operation | ADR recording and editing |Foley recording | Creation and Recording of Music for Visual Media programs | Mixing and Mastering of all these elements together

Music Composing Courses

This modules covers how to craft your song by taking multiple audio tracks and combining them together onto a final master track for mastering. The way we combine tracks encompasses art and science, and involves utilizing a variety of tools to bring out the most emotional impact from the song.

Our training module :

Intro to Mixing | Elements of a mix | Ear training | Critical Listening | Balancing tracks | Panning | Equalization – Subtractive Eq’s – Addictive Eq’s | Dynamic Processing – Compressors – Limiters – Noise Gates – Expanders | Parallel Compressions | Time Based Effects - Reverb – Delay – Echo | Modulation Effects - Flanging – Distortion | Tape Saturation |Stereo Imaging | Mixing Vocals – Drums – Bass – Guitars – Keyboards | Mixing Electronic Music | Processing a Sub mix | Printing a mix | and more

Intro to Mastering | Mastering Eq’s & | Multiband Compressors | Brick Wall Limiter | Exciter | Imaging | Dithering | Audio File Format Conversions | Loudness Metering | Izotope | Exporting your final track | Album Mastering