Students Internship

If you are a student who looks to pursue a career in sound or loves making music, you're always looking for the opportunity to apply your talents to a real life setting. Sound Engineering and music production internships allow you to do just that!! Our internships at Soundpoint Pro gives aspiring engineers the opportunity to work, directly with the industry, gaining all access, getting fully involved and helping you to realise your full potential in various areas of Sound Engineering and a Music Production.

As a part of our curriculum students are assured internships in the field of study they choose. In our intensely packed internship, the intern will be coached and mentored throughout the process. This roll is a combination in various areas of Sound Engineering such as in recording studios, live sound shows, radio stations and also in music production works too. Work will include arranging the studio equipment, setting up the session for recording, patching the inputs for a live shows, loading and unloading of audio gears, checking the artist input connections, fold back speakers, IEM’s, assisting the back stage during the show, outdoor recordings for film works and much more., The interning candidate will be a part of an professional team that plays a crucial role in live sound works, song albums and film production works!!

Sound Engineering internships can also give you the heads up over the thousands of students who are also looking to break into the competitive world of Sound Engineering & Music Production. Sound Engineering & Music Production internship can take you anywhere in your passionate career, and that’s what makes it so exciting! Come and enroll with us today to find yourself in your dream career and its internship works, and check out what the music industry has in stall for you!!