SoundPoint Pro

Soundpoint Pro was brought into existence with a motivation to educate young aspiring students who dream about making their career in audio & music industry. Our mission is to equip students with all the knowledge and expertise you need to turn your musical passion into a successful career. We strive towards the prosperity of students in imparting knowledge in a best possible way with practical hands on training in the sound and music realm. Our Sound Engineering and Music Production course is focused on equipping you with an exceptional range of intellectual, technical and creative skills that will prepare you for employment in a variety of roles across the fast-changing music industries.

Our Courses are programmed in full time and part time modules to respond to the growing demand of flexible musicians and audio professionals who require classes in both weekends and week days. With a unique focus, integrating theory and practice to help you understand the relationships between music, sound and other forms of digital media, such as film, games,etc., which utilises music technology in a unique and innovative ways.

With our studio facilities you will learn how to develop innovative projects in recording, composition, interactive music, installation and cross-disciplinary work. Your course will be delivered by passionate academics who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your studies. We will train you to become the next generation of musically-informed engineers, with a strong understanding of underlying technical principles in order to make informed decisions about appropriate technologies.

Diploma Course (Full Time & Part Time)

Sound Engineering & Music Production

Our Sound Engineering & Music Production is a hands-on production-based course that is directly in sync with the audio & music industry. This course explores teaching you the basics of sound, acoustics, audio production techniques, taking you all the way through the high ends of operation in both studio and live sound. Alongside this course also covers music production technologies with an emphasis on arranging, programming and sound designing. This practical diploma will give you a solid understanding of multiple digital audio workstations software’s and working in a professional studio environment. Explore this course with us to gain a real head start securing your dream audio job.

Short Term Courses

Studio Engineering

Learn all the methodologies of how a professional recording studio functions. The skills required to record, edit and mix down a full track. Using industry standard professional equipment’s and software’s acquire all the knowledge on routings, miking, recording and plugin processing techniques to craft your sound.

DAW Softwares

This Courses covers in depth knowledge and exclusive training on professional software’s to record and produce your music. Choose your preferred and user friendly software to learn and mix master your song. We teach software’s such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One & FL Studio.

Live Sound Engineering

Learn to handle analog and digital mixers, how to stage live events and gigs, the skills required to design, build and operate professional sound systems. You’ll develop all essential live music skills to a standard level, handling front of house & monitor live mixing, backline technician support, tour management and live recording.

Music Programming & Synthesis

The aim of this course is to breakdown the sections of a song, and to show how a track is musically programmed and arranged, using digital musical instruments, synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. This course is designed for musicians who struggle to make layers of musical arrangements for their songs.

Mixing & Mastering

Our mixing and mastering courses helps you understand the signal flow, how to combine multiple tracks and incorporate the mixing and mastering plugins using professional mixing software’s. Detailed knowledge on all types of signal processing plugins and advanced mixing techniques are covered in this program.

Our Recording Studio

Mixing and Mastering Courses in Chennai

Coaching and training on recording, studio engineering , mixing and mastering happens in the same recording studio

Live Sound Courses in chennai

We’ll show you how to put down and convert your musical ideas into digital tracks on a computer, using a unique and powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Our recording studio is filled with all the necessary equipments for you to learn the real functioning of a professional studio

Music Composing Courses

Students are allowed to use the studio to complete their own projects or any personal musical work. You are also allowed to witness any commercial recordings happening in the studio.

Recording Studios in Chennai


  • One best institute to learn music production and sound. Affordable fee structures and classes are worth every penny. Knowledge guarnteed. Now I am able record my own stuffs and love making music with the technology I learnt at soundpoint. Also freelance and make music for short films.

    Andrew Sumir

  • This institute has given me all the knowledge to be a pro in the courses learnt. With hands on training, every module was informative and with practical learning applied. At present I work as a assistant live sound engineer.


  • I am a working IT Professional. I wanted to learn sound engineering and music production and that’s where I landed at soundpoint. Did part time courses in weekends. Lecturers are really knowledge full and friendly. Now I make my own music in my leisure times.

    Anand Kumar